I was asked to write a little more about students…what they are like these days, what they are struggling with. Honestly, I can’t think of them as one big group that has any definite qualities. When I think “students” faces come to mind – and stories.

Individuals who have let Ben and I hear the stories of thier lives – the painful ones, the happy ones, the silly ones.

Individuals who have let us come along side them as they’ve written new stories – like how they will propose, how they will share the gospel with a friend, how they will let God use a tragedy to deepen their faith, how they will use their gifts, how they will decide where to work, how they saw God in new ways overseas, how they doubt, how they make it through a dry spell spiritually, how they hurt after a breakup, how they rejoice in a budding romance, how they trust God when no job offers come, how they feel about moving back home to start school again, how they live with depression, how they honor parents who are hard to love, how they struggle with addictions, how much fun they have on weekends with each other.

Just being near them, even if we can’t always particpate in all the fun, all the funk, all the joys, all the sorrows –  being by thier side is one of the joys of our lives. Of course we love our kids. We even really, really love each other. But, somehow God has given us a very deep passion and love for the stories of students – each and every single one.

There is something so magical (is that OK to say? You all know I don’t mean magical ) about this season of life. They come so young, and yet already they are filled with things God has done and how He’s made them. Finding all that out is so much fun. Then there comes the challenge of figuring out how to help them discover God even deeper, even further, even better, even richer, or just for the very first time. Then comes the bittersweet watching – as they grow up. Some leave, some stay and still want to be friends – which is the best. Some you just miss like crazy.

Students. Get yourself near one.

So, there are some first thoughts about students. I think I could probably think of a few things about students “these days.” Honestly though, you should all just come and visit me. I’ll introduce you to some of the coolest people/students you’d ever want to meet.

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