Dear Diapers

Dear Diapers,

Thank you for your faithful service to our family these past 6 or so years. Every single day, I have pulled you from your various packages, along with your best pals, the wipes. I feel a little sad now, watching the last of you collect dust in the girl’s room. Before I pass you on to a friend, never to see you again, (at least I don’t plan on seeing you again, but things happen… Lord? Are you reading this?)please allow me these few words. 

I especially appreciate you, Mr. Huggies-Nightime for the amazing volumes of Number 1 you can contain. You not only saw us through many nights without leaks, but many 14 hour car rides as well.

Mr. Target-brand – all I have to say is you were inexpensive, but a little flimsy.

Mr. Luvs – you were the occasional splurge who’s scent kept me smiling.

Ms. Pampers – wish I could of known you better, but you were a little hoity-toity for me.

Mrs. Parents Choice. You were the best, except your choice of decorations were a little annoying and trespassing into the evil Walmart always made me feel a little guilty.

We bid you all a fond fair well  – forever… (Lord, did you catch that last part? The forever part? Because even though Ben and I JOKE about having another one, I know YOU know that would certainly be a very bad idea. Especially now with the whole commuting thing, and the morning sickness thing, and the fear I have about losing bladder control thing, and… I guess I can stop there.)

Yours sincerely,

Sassy Pants

7 thoughts on “Dear Diapers

  1. Rose says:

    I am laughing out loud! I even read this one to David. We currently have 1/2 a pack of pull-ups in the closet that we can’t part with — just in case we (I mean Rob) digresses…

  2. Khrista says:

    You’re hilarious Jess! The Pampers quip made me laugh…they are the ONLY diapers I could use with G. She broke out with any other brand…I wonder if that is what started it all…Little Miss Picky…

  3. susq says:

    hee hee hee…thanks for the laughs friend. Are you planning on writing a post about the new cool L2 undies? I’m sure she’s very excited about them 🙂

  4. Megan says:

    Dear Diaper Genie,

    I’m sending two magazines to your door step really soon.


    House of the Diaper Free for 2.5 years and loving every minute of it, though would go back in a heartbeat if God would allow our V-club membership to expire (are you hearing me, Lord? Please?)


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