Self Deprecating Humor

Ben has been getting on me about the excess amounts of self deprecating humor I use here at Sassy Pants.

Self Deprecating: belittling or undervaluing oneself; excessively modest.

So, how do I stop doing it so much, I’m wondering? It’s just kind of my way.

I guess I could tell you about some of things I do well. Would that kind of cross out all the things I make fun of myself for?

(See, I think I’m kind of doing it right now a little even. This is soooo hard.)


1. Avoid conflict

Wait, I’m doing it again.

1. Llllllliiiiiisssstennning

Wow. That was kind of hard. But, I really, really, am a good listener. If you need someone to talk to, I’m your gal. I’m good at twisting all the yucky things you say into something pretty neat. I’m good at asking questions that keep you talking, digging, searching. Why did I waste my college degree on music. Just kidding. Sorry, slip up there.

That’s all I can manage today. I’m pooped. What are you guys good at?? Really, I want to know. It’s a good exercise. Tell me about yourselves.

5 thoughts on “Self Deprecating Humor

  1. steph says:

    I’ve been told just recently that I’m good at condensing down an issue and clarifying the options one could take. I also enjoy being decisive (=
    You are a GREAT listener by the way. I would also add that you are a great blogger, though that doesn’t really rank on the spiritual gifts inventory…….

  2. I seem to be really good at getting pregnant? What!? Does that count…..or what is it that that makes me good at? BTW, I love the self deprication, that’s what keeps me coming back. Not just that, I could name many things you are great at!

  3. Hmm…I’m pretty good at loving little special needs kids. They’re jewels in my crown. I’m OK at singing, too. And sign language, though I didn’t pass the interpreters test, so I must not be that good at it…ok, scratch that one. I’m good at serving and giving and mercy.

  4. SA Megan says:

    Yes, you are a great listener!! I think other than easy one of “i can sing”, I’ll go with getting people excited about something (or just p**sing them off!). Seems like that’s something I’m ok at.

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