The Poo Poo Diaries

Last night L2 was playing at a friend’s house and had a little accident. I heard her start to wail and came into the room where she was playing. She was hunched over, bawling, and managed to get out, “I went pee pee on Mark’s floor.”

“Sweety. Why are you crying?”

“Because I don’t want anyone to get mad.”

Ouch. I don’t think I’ve gotten mad at L2 for accidents…except that one time she peed on my quilt…and that one time she got H6’s favorite pillow…and oh yeah, there was that one time she peed while standing on the kitchen counter and got it all over my apple slices.

Well, I’m sorry L2. Sorry for getting mad and making you feel like you need to hide your accidents.

To prove to her that I’m over this, I was exceptionally calm today at the library when I went to pull her on my lap and smelled something yucky.

“L2, do you need to go poo poo?”


A few minutes go by. The smell is lingering…

“L2. Did you already go poo poo?”


Whatever… (This is what I’m thinking when I roll my eyes into the back of head and take a deep breath.)

In as sweet and patient a voice as I could muster, “Let’s just go check.”

Well, I guess she was right. No poop. But she did manage to go poop in the bathroom there at the library. Oh, all is well. No accidents. Major poop in a public potty. We are all good.

And then the little poop ball rolled out from her pant leg and onto my foot.

Whateverrrrrrrrrrrr……… (Complete with look and deep breath.)

Well, I held it together, cleaned us both up, gave her a kiss, and we cheerfully left the library bathroom.

I love my little H2. I don’t want her to be scared of me, EVER. So, in potty training and all other training, I need to loosen up and enjoy her and her brother and sister more.  

Lord, thanks for the lessons potty training brings.

8 thoughts on “The Poo Poo Diaries

  1. aSprinkling says:

    I can sooo relate. Poop. It’s just part of life when you’re in the little kid stage. It’s nice to hear somebody else talk about it. 🙂

  2. I am shuddering. Because I went through potty he** with my Jessica. She was 4 1/2, on medicine & I can tell you that nothing is worse than steam cleaning a carpet FULL of smushy poop. I would have given anything for just a “poop ball” HA!HA!!! And I was freaking out as Kindergarten was just around the corner.

    You will get through this. However, I dipped my toes in the sea of rage during that stage!!!

  3. glad to know i’m not the only one who writes about this stuff! ( last time this happened to me, i failed to write about my favorite part: throwing away the poopy panties in the cheesecake factory bathroom while a very nice lady complimented lucy on her sweet smile and dimples. yes, thank you, she’s adorable, now pardon me while i squeeze past you and deposit these soiled-underwear-that-are-NOT-worth-saving in the trash can behind you…

  4. chuck is 4.5 years old and I fear she will never reach potty Nervana. NOTHING has tested my Christianity more than attempting to get this child to deposit her -ahem- deposits where they are supposed to go.

    I have failed miserably at not losing my temper. I don’t do it much anymore because she doesn’t give a rip if I lose my temper or not. She just stands there blinking at me.

    Jeanna…tips? PLEASE?????

  5. Oh, Ness. I think the final straw came after that steam-cleaning incident. My husband lost HIS temper & basically screamed at the top of his lungs at her. I don’t recommend this approach, but it DID scare the um…. poop….right out of her & into the potty! How does your husband deal with the mess? Jess wouldn’t care much if I was angry, but I think it meant more when her dad was mad at her.

    But your daughter might have some intestinal blockage, which you should rule out. A friend of mine’s daughter had bad issues which messed up her intestines, requiring surgery. Make sure that yours has just a mental thing. Hang in there!!!

  6. sadly, we have tried that. Daddy has been VERY firm indeed. Chuck has no fear. The world is her stage and she lives to make you laugh. If you choose not to, it’s your own dumb fault as far as she is concerned. *SIGH* She’s going to be wonderful at something someday….and so far, I haven’t heard of anybody’s kid not being potty trained by say…high school graduation….

    now the thumb sucking…I fear that might go with her to college……

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