Super Star Friend

You know when you are friends with someone who really knows how to do the friendship thing. I mean, they are just great at being a friend, and when you are with them you are both incredibly grateful and maybe a tinge jealous that you just aren’t as good at this as they are??? Welcome to my life. I have so many super friends.

Today I would like to thank Susie Brekke for being such a super friend to me. Since Ben has been gone she has brought me flowers in a coffee cup, come over to watch 27 dresses with me (and endured 30 minutes of listening to me beg my kids to go to sleep), and brought me donuts this morning for my birthday. 

Susie has been one of those friends who has been the perfect combination of fun, supportive, helpful and easy to be with. She has generously watched our kids countless times, patiently taught me many card games, laughed at my stupid sense of humor, and made me feel good about myself many, many times. She’s invited me to her very cool backyard parties and not made me feel lame about being such a lame party attender. She loves my kids geniunely. What a gal. 

Susie, you seriously rock my world. From the minute we met you and Erik we loved you both! Thanks for being friends with someone who has miles and miles to go before she is as good a friend as you are.

(And to all my other super star friends, YOUR NEXT. I’ll be singing your praises this week!!)

4 thoughts on “Super Star Friend

  1. Megan says:

    Yay! It’s your birthday! We’re having C-soon-to-be-8’s party today, so when I eat some cake later on today I’ll think of you too. 🙂

    I need to be a friend like that too. I really stink in that department. Will you still be my friend?

  2. Sherry says:

    I agree! Susie rocks! And so do you, by the way! I’ll be praying for you while Ben is gone. Hopefully this season is short-lived.



  3. susq says:

    Aww, Jess. Thanks for sweet post! Really, I’ve learned a lot about how to be a friend due to your great example of kindness towards me and the fam!

    It’s so much of a relief knowing I can come to you with questions about parenting stuff, faith stuff and…well any type of stuff 🙂 I mostly enjoy being able to laugh with you though!!
    I hope your day was fantastic!

  4. Happy Birthday! I think I’d be a better friend if I baked more (oh, and also it wouldn’t hurt if I talked less & listened more!)

    Still praying for your house to sell & for you to come home to Illinois!!!

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