A slice of transition pie…

I eat humble pie around here a lot. For me, parenting is one huge embarrasment after another. This week though, we are all tasting transition pie. We sent H6 off to 1st grade yesterday.

You gotta love a teacher who hands out fudge pops at the end of the first day. Her new teacher is great. Super structured, organized, and challenging.

Next, we sent Ben off to Northern Illinois University.

I’m not sure what this pie is going to taste like. I miss him already.





3 thoughts on “A slice of transition pie…

  1. Megan says:

    I’m so sorry, my friend. I know you are doing your best to have a positive perspective, but plan B can just be plain stinky sometimes. I’m sorry, sorry, sorry.

  2. Jess,
    Your “hunkyhubby” is staying with us in for his meetings here in Fort Collins! It’s a small world, indeed. 🙂 And we adore Steph and Tom!
    I LOVE your blog and look forward to reading it in its entirety!
    Well, we have greatly enjoyed your Ben, Jeff, Candace/Brian . as they have stayed w/ us since Thursday night. It’s been a delight, though we’ve only had breakfasts together.
    Maybe someday we will meet, this side of heaven. In the meantime, I shall be your kindred spirit in the blogosphere. God bless you and yours and all the students in your life.
    with love in Christ,

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