I’ve been in Zumba class all summer with a very fun gal who’s children go to the same school as mine. We’ve giggled all summer about Zumba, school, our neighborhood, etc. Well, yesterday she stopped by after the first day of school to pick up some paper bags to cover her son’s school books in. See, we are tight like that, and as we were standing around gabbing away after school she mentioned she didn’t have any. “Oh, swing by.” I say. Because, you know, we are good buds. Good buds do that.

So, when she comes by she says, “Um, I’m really embarrassed because I was just chatting with someone else and realized I don’t even know your name.”

Shock and sadness ensue…

“That’s OK. It’s Jess. No biggee.” She leaves and I totally bust out…


Because I had just finished looking up my best pal of the entire summer’s name in the school directory myself.


6 thoughts on “Giggles

  1. Megan says:

    Hilarious. I’ve totally done that before, only in my case she had told me her name at the beginning and I just forgot. I was too embarrassed to ask her again…

    Glad to hear you’ve had fun time with someone new!

  2. Khrista says:

    That’s too funny!
    I’m often referred to as “G_____’s Mom.”
    Funny how names don’t really matter…well until you want to borrow brown bags. :o)

  3. steph says:

    so when are you gong to tell her you had to look her name up as well?!? (=
    Here, they don’t care about names. It is so wierd. They rarely introduce themselves or ask for names. I don’t get it. Of course there are SO many stinkin’ kids running around that I’d never get their names anyway….

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