Lifting and Carrying

Today at church I got to hear a sermon on following Christ when you experience a crisis – three times. I was helping with worship today, and usually I don’t sit through the sermon each time, but this was a very good one. The sermon was part of a series entitled, “Following Christ without Exception,” and we’ve examined how we follow Christ in our work, in our relationships, with our finances, and today, when crisis comes. Next will be following Christ when we experience the death of a loved one.

At the end of the service, those in crisis were invited to come up for prayer. Since I was on the stage I could see people moving from their seats to the front, tears flowing. In a church as large as ours, the number of people in true crisis on any given Sunday is challenging. It’s led to the creation of a very well staffed care team. But to see their faces coming forward and hear just a few of the stories was so moving.

As we sang and the pastors and staff prayed, I just wanted my voice to be part of the prayers, washing over the hearts of the saddened, lifting and carrying their burdens, and wiping the tears.

One thought on “Lifting and Carrying

  1. steph says:

    You know, I’m getting tired of posting on your blog that I love the way you think, process and write. (= I am SO SURE that your voice was just an incredible way the Lord comforted His people yesterday. I deeply believe the Lord uses music in our lives. I wish I had more thoughts about that, but I don’t. I’ve just witnessed the power of it with Lj. You woudn’t believe how much she responds to music when she is upset or tired or something. It is something she’s known for around here. I have about 4 songs I sing at different times and it is wild to watch her respond. Of course sometimes she just commences her wailing, but so often she just stares and stares or puts her thumb in her mouth. It’s almost like I can she her snuggling under a blanket and feeling satisfied. Wish I could have been there on Sunday. I’m SO looking forward to going to a real church when we get back. Bet you’d never thought I’d write that down!!

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