Things I’m thinking about…

If I was going to write a book, I would write one about…

1. My ongoing struggle with the concept of denominations of all forms. Not individual denominations. I don’t have a beef with one in particular, just wrestling with how the practical applications of faith can lead us to so many different places.

2. How my struggle with this has so much to do with my personality. I’m fascinated by how the combination of our hard wiring and the experiences God has also designed for us lead to us all these different places and passions.

3. How to be a friend to someone who has these interests but who has trouble expressing herself, is too sensitive, and who cries too much. πŸ™‚

4. The concept of an open home. It’s something I think about a lot and am slowly developing a sense of how this will work in our family life. I’d love to write about the philosophical motivations behind doing it, and the practical workings of maintaining public and private spaces in our hearts and homes.

5. A book on parenting about how you shouldn’t read books on parenting unless they are funny and sarcastic.

Don’t look for me on Amazon anytime soon, just dreaming…

PS: Strike that last one about parenting books. I should probably read about a dozen today. I just totally exploded at poor H6 for something very, very, dumb.

3 thoughts on “Things I’m thinking about…

  1. My friend, HW, has a blog. She has 2 teenagers & has been writing a series on “What Worked For Us”. She is HILARIOUS! I think you will appreciate her sense of humor – go back & read several of her posts & you’ll see what I mean!

    BTW – I’d like to have an open home too, I just can’t get myself out of the mode of having to deep clean my house eveytime someone is coming over. It’s stressful & not conducive to having company over at a whim. I need to accept the fact that people love me for who I am & NOT for how clean my house is (which takes a LOT of work with 2 kids & 2 dogs!!)

  2. steph carlson says:

    You know what folks do here? They have one room for guests and that is the place that is always clean! They don’t take guests around the house like we do. The “open floor plan” doesn’t exist – they are all about privacy between the women and men etc etc. Anyway, its FAB to only have to keep one room clean! Of course, why am I always dragging the laundry out of there when the doorbell rings….?

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