Day 1

Today Ben left for NIU at 6:45 a.m. He’ll actually be back tonight and not start the real commute until next week, but it’s officially his first day as a Nav Rep at NIU. He attends a few meetings today with NIU official types and a pastor who has offered to help us coordinate housing for Ben while we are doing the commuting thing.

We are thankful for the good name of the Navigators today. We have had to call perfect strangers to ask for money, housing, connections, etc. and when Ben shares we are coming to campus to open a Navigator ministry, we are met with so much warmth and excitement. We are excited to begin to uncover the rich heritage the Lord has developed in the Chicago area through Nav reps who have gone before us. We are thrilled to see so many growing and contributing to churches and communities.

Speaking of churches, have we mentioned how sad we are to leave our church home in Madison, WI? Well, we SO are. (Sorry for that little injection of middle school speak.) Despite it’s size, Blackhawk has been a place of deep connection and community. It has ministered to us and given us opportunities to serve which have really changed us. From the first Sunday when we heard Pastor Chris open his series on the book of John, to the day I walked into the group for young moms and felt surrounded by love and understanding, to the day we realized the incredible lengths the church was going to to serve the community, to the day I started my journey back to leading worship, to the day I raised my hands high in worship, to the day… OK, enough?

Day 1 of Plan B – where we wait for things to change, and hold on tightly to all the things we love here with an especially sweet tenderness and gratefulness for these days to savor our lives here in a different way. As eager as I am to be on campus with Ben, and open a home in Dekalb to NIU students, I feel this little (or maybe long) season is going to be filled with something special.

Well, enough poetic hopefulness and back to reality. Ben is not home and my children are screaming at each other over the slip and slide, which means – MOMMY TO THE RESCUE!!!

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