Sorry for the lame blogginess over here recently. Truth is I am deeply bugged. The thing that is deeply bugging me is controversial in nature and since it is against every fiber of my being to be controversial, I can not elaborate. This is a major default in my wiring and I hope to be VERY controversial AND articulate in heaven (just kidding) but in all serious – things that are serious are hard for me to find words for. I think in pictures and speak in metaphors. It’s a wonder I can get gas in my car and food on our plates sometimes.

Anyway, I do need to vent just a little, so how ’bout I vent about something totally unrelated!

Things that bug me…

1. Products “Sealed for Freshness” without a tab for easy removal. Think peanut butter! In order to reach the precious stuff you have to either stick a perfectly clean steak knife into it and saw, or spend 10 minutes removing layer after layer of paper/foil.
2. Styrofoam. I hate the stuff. It’s bad for the environment and bad for me. The sound two pieces of Styrofoam make when they rub each other makes me scream – literally.

There’s plenty more, but I feel a little better already, so I’ll stop. We are gearing up for a wonderful wedding this Friday. I’m sure it will be fairytale magical if I know the bride at all.  I’m also in the throws of convincing myself I CAN wear the dress I’ve worn to every other wedding for the past year and half again and that no one cares and it’s a waste of money to get something new. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…

3 thoughts on “Bugged

  1. nicky nash says:

    Don’t know about the controversal part but from reading your blog I think you’re amazingly articulate!! I am always so impressed at how well you describe how you’re feeling and different scenarios…and as James said..’keeping a rein on our tongues is a good thing’!!

  2. steph carlson says:

    Oh come ON! You HAVE to tell us what you are thinking that is so controversial! I thought the point of the blog was to blurb your stuff….
    I suppose I don’t always do that either…. hmmm.
    Any chance you’ll tell us anyway??? (=

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