The other night Ben and I were chatting before bed about our mutual prayer slump. After praying so fervently in one direction all summer, we felt a little lost as to how to continue to pray. It seemed a little silly to continue to beat down heaven’s door about the sale of the house. Obviously God knows our desires and seems to have some other plans, at least in terms of timing at the moment.


I felt I had sunk into a kind of peaceful apathy about the whole situation. I would often prayer along these lines,



So, yesterday, I got a very large push in a better direction. First, we got a gift from a family we had barely met at a picnic a couple of weeks ago. There were some cool connections between our families, they are fans of The Navigators, and when they came into some money they gave us a very large chunk to help with the launch of the work at NIU. Then later on in the day, a friend’s mother (who we have only met briefly at that friend’s wedding) called to share with us that she had taken up a collection in her Sunday school for us, and where should she send it.


Because we live on support, meaning we raise the funds needed to cover a salary and all our benefits, I’m constantly in awe of how God lays our needs on other people’s hearts. But these gifts especially, provided a wonderful sense that God was out ahead of us, working to provide for this new (to us) path we are taking towards NIU.


Then I spent about an hour with Barb. I was supposed to be having my quiet time at a coffee shop, but it was hard not to linger there, just soaking up the grace and truth God has given her for this season of her life. Just being with her encouraged my heart and pushed me to pray for the ability to see God in my circumstances, just as she is seeing Him in hers.


Think Ben will buy it when I tell him I need another coffee shop trip today? J

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