Part of implementing Plan B included re-enrolling H6 in the private school she attended last year for Kindergarten. It seemed kind of silly to keep her from her very special tribe of pals, who really are a tight knit group.

Part of me is kicking myself heartily though. We chose this school anticipating we would only be in Madison for H6’s Kindergarten. It was a bit of splurge to send her to private school, but the peace of mind and wonderful teacher was worth every penny, and hey , it was just going to be for one year right??

Well, this year school costs over $1,000 more when you factor in increases in both H6’s first grade tuition and T4’s preschool tuition.

I just filled out the paperwork for the automatic drafts on our account to pay for said school.


PS: Thank you Lord for providing a school we love and the money to pay for it. I’m sorry for wanting to squander the money on entertainment centers, dressers, Starbucks, and private Zumba lessons.

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