Other Bits of Summer

Let’s lighten it up around here. Here are a few sweet snapshots from these last few weeks of fun in the sun.

Before we begin, let me introduce you to our entertainment center. It actually came with our house, and although I haven’t minded it much, Ben has hated it from site on. When we put the house on the market, I dutifully stripped it of all personal nick knacks and photos, but our Realtor said it had to go. No, “WOW” factor. Guess what? Just like everything else we own these days, no one wants it. I think it’s funny. Somehow, when this guy sells, I’ll have some hope again about the whole house thing.

There are some beautiful gardens in this town. Every August one hosts a butterfly tour. You tour the outside gardens hunting down little stations with information on butterflies. Each station has a stamp you collect. Then in the conservatory, there is a butterfly hatchery and swarms and swarms of butterflies around. It’s really fun. If you collect all the stamps outside, you get a free ice cream cone.

T4 always looks just like this after eating one. It never fails. Isn’t it adorable?

Before our quick turn around, I did manage to snap one quick picture of L2 and her cousin in Tennessee. Aren’t they two peas in a pod? There’s her mom Erin in the background admiring the cuties.

Here we are just a few days ago at Pope Farms. It’s a working farm, but also a park so the public can come out and visit. I know what you are thinking. Who wears a dress to a farm? Well, we were on our way back from church, but had to stop when we realized the sunflowers were blooming.

Also, why does Jess have that stupid grin on her face. It’s called, “I can’t see! The sun is blinding me!!”

Does anyone know how much teeth whitening would cost? And does it hurt? I have very sensitive teeth.

And I leave you with the latest installment of “Pictures of Mommy taken by Monkeys.”

I really am too old for this shirt, don’t you think?

Have a great day! Love, Jess

4 thoughts on “Other Bits of Summer

  1. I think you look fantastic, dress, teeth, shirt, and all! 🙂 I know these past weeks/days have been utterly insane for you, but we are passing through Madison (staying with our friends, the Joneses, down the road from you). If you want, or even if you have the time, we could try to meet for coffee on Wednesday or Thursday evening. If not, you MUST come see us the next time you are in Colorado!

  2. You crack me up. You put a beautiful picture of you and Ben, then proceed to do what we all do in our heads out loud.

    I just hosted a wedding party at my house…I let my friend do my makeup..you know me=not girlie…well my friend is. She went town on me. The pictures came back, and while I was sitting around with a bunch of church ladies, the pictures came out. I saw a picture I was in…well, really loud, I said, “who is the hooker in the picture?” Umm, people down here don’t talk like that. Hmm. Nonetheless, we are our own worse critics. I’m sure it wasn’t that bad, but to me, I looked terrible!

    I think you are beautiful Jess. Ben still has a baby face like Jason. I will age and age, and Jason will still be young. It’s not fair.

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