Catching Up

We are catching up around here, in every sense of the word. The house guests from Bob’s funeral are all gone, the laundry pile is up to the ceiling, and the backyard has turned into a jungle. The practical concerns are the least of my worries. It’s my heart and head that need some serious rearranging.

In all the hustle bustle of losing Bob, returning to WI in a big hurry, housing friends and strangers, I feel a bit buried under the worries of our impending “AUGUST.” The month where we totally change our lives and begin Plan B. There are many practical issues to address, but really, I probably just need to catch up on a little rest and perspective from the Word. Will I do that? It’s a toss up. I always intend to, and usually end up deciding I really need to learn how to make jammie pants for the kids instead.

I really want to do this transition thing well though. It’s such an opportunity to let God provide, and I don’t want to miss out. To my favorite coffee shop I go – right now.

But first, before I forget I have two super duper important things to share. One quick book recommendation and one little giggle.

So, go out and read, The Monk Downstairs and The Monk Upstairs. I read the second of this two part series while on the road and was very, very impressed. I’m guessing the first one is just as good. There were several times I stopped to absorb the fabulous writing and tender treatment of each character. I would find myself thinking, “I totally get this writer. I think we would be great friends.” Strange, I know.

And lastly, one little giggle for you.

Of course, Bob’s death was the topic of many conversations around our dinner table – both heavy and lighthearted ones. One night we were giving Ben a hard time about how difficult life would be for him if I were to die suddenly. All in good fun, he attempted to defend himself, insisting he would make it just fine. This was a very serious mistake. I snorted.

“Um, Mr. “I can only cook fried eggs and toast,” what in the world will you be feeding our children???”

Ben turns desperately to the children for support. “Come on kids. What do I make that you like??”

T4 pauses and says, “Well, we there’s rice and special rice.” (Special rice includes a little butter and sugar.)

Lots of laughter followed as we all imagined rice and special rice, 3 meals a day for the next 20 years or so.

One thought on “Catching Up

  1. I love that! I do that all the time with authors! In fact, I got the opportunity to meet one of them once and it solidified the idea even more for me that it is entirely possible to tell whether I would be good friends with someone who had merely written a book i had read.


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