Plan B and one very tragic PS

We are officially defaulting to Plan B when we return from our vacation/fund raising trip in early August. I guess Plan B was always the Lord’s Plan A, but you know. We are just catching on here. So, what is Plan B you ask?

Since our house in Madison has not sold yet, it looks like Ben will begin his commuting to Dekalb, IL in a few weeks. He’ll go down for 4 days, and come back for 3 – repeat for as many weeks, months, years, as the Lord wills.

It had been our plan to start homeschooling this year, but we decided there is enough stress to be had all around without adding that little piece to the pie at this point. So, we’ve enrolled H6 at the private school she attended last year, and T4 there as well for preschool. L2 is on the waiting list there, but will probably be at home with me. If the house sells sometime this fall, we’ll take a couple weeks off, and start homeschooling then. If the house sells in the spring, we’ll try and keep H6 in the entire year.

I’m peaceful, but disappointed. I’m hopeful, but ready to wait it out.

PS: We have postponed our trip a few days to attend a funeral. One of the students in the ministry here in Madison lost his father to suicide last week. It’s been a very heavy couple of days. Please pray for Eric and his family. It seems certain Eric’s father was a believer who had been struggling with clinical depression for many years. A terrible combination of stress and perhaps medication not working to the extent that it needed to created a terrible opportunity for despair. I believe Eric is rejoicing for his father’s freedom now and presence with  Jesus, but is obviously very shaken.

5 thoughts on “Plan B and one very tragic PS

  1. I wish it wasn’t like this for you. Our solution included a lot of separation time too, and it was very hard. Looking back, so much good came of that time…..

    Keep your chin up, Girl.

  2. As if you have time to read……..but a very good book that I’m into right now is called ‘The Shack’ by William Young. Have you read it? I highly recommend it!!! God’s ways are higher than our ways!!! I’m glad you can see that even through the disappointment!

  3. No words other than one day this will be part of a good story you get to tell that God has already written. Hang in there, Jess (and Ben, too).

  4. steph carlson says:

    Hey jess, wow. what a wierd start to it all. I wasn’t expecting that. Do you just wish you could fast forward about two years so you could look back and see what God has in store during this time?
    Sure wish I could do that in my own situation as well.
    Hang in there – I’m checking in with you everyday.

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