Another “What would you do?”

It happened for the second time today. I opened a library book to discover someone had made a “modification” to the content using sticky notes. This time the person had cut out a set of clothing for the naked woman and man in the Eric Carl book, Draw Me a Star. The other day, it was a sticky note with the word, “silly,” covering up the author’s word choice of “naughty.”

I’m positive it is not the work of the library. I am super surprised this would be happening in Madison, the most liberal town in nearly all of America. Each time I’ve run across it, I’ve taken the sticky notes out of the book and thrown them away. But tell me, what would you do???

One thought on “Another “What would you do?”

  1. Huh. Weird. Yeah, I would remove them, as well. I guess you could tell the librarian and they can look up who has checked them out and talk to them….I don’t know.

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