Ever since we put our home on the market this spring, I’ve wrestled a bit with the “J” word. JEALOUSY!!! When I’ve passed homes with “SOLD” signs in the yard, I’ve had this crazy urge to smash into them with my car, or sneak back out late at night and spray paint them. I hope it goes without saying, I have never acted on these urges.

At the root if it is just some more bad theology, boiling up (and hopefully OUT) of my little heart.

“Well, I’m sure THOSE people don’t even DESERVE to get to move and not have their lives on hold like ME. I mean, I’m a Christ follower. I deserve some perks in this real estate business.”

So, to expound on that line of reasoning, God must NOT have a plan for any other family in the community. He must also not care at all about non believing families. He must also not have any special plans for the children being raised in those homes. He must have something extra special planned for us because we believe His son was raised from the dead.

Yuck. Blech. Gross.

And so, dear families, I join you in a huge sigh of relief. I celebrate your “SOLD” sign. I hope you come to see the Lord’s purposes in your move and in your life. I pray that your children will come to know their Savior in the places where you are moving to. I hope wonderful things for you, and I promise NOT to show up with my squirt gun when your moving truck arrives.

One thought on “Vandalism

  1. SA Megan says:

    You are so brave to post things that other people think all the time! Of course, they (I) don’t reach the same conclusions :). It took me to my third kiddo not to wish extreme vomit on other pregnant women!

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