Stressy Mommy

I confess that I have been a stressy mommy these last few days. I have raised my voice, given the “evil eye,” and wished my children would, “GET A CLUE ALREADY!!!” The thing is, even in the middle of it, I know it’s me, not them, with the real issues. Yes, they have been especially tough the last couple of days, but I’ve been a poor leader, and in return, I have some discipline issues cropping up that would not be there if I’d been out in front, instead of limping back here, whining and stressing.

(I like to write really long sentences when I’m stressed… 🙂 )

Any who… time to get ahead of the curve around here!

One thought on “Stressy Mommy

  1. steph carlson says:

    oooo what good thoughts! I am SO new to all this, I never would have thought about leading/not leading and how that affects the kids, but OF COURSE it would.

    I like long sentence any old time, by the way.

    Not leading totally affects a classroom, I don’t know why I didn’t think about how it would cross over.

    We are just back from Turkey this afternoon and I am making pancakes for dinner. My meat-loving hubby is not happy, but I seriously have NOTHING. I emptied all I could because stuff goes SO bad when it is hot around here.


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