What would you do?

H6 and I had just finished a little time in the pool together and were getting dressed to go home. La La La… WAIT A MINUTE!!! Where are my underpants????? I rifle through the bag again and realize, I have grabbed two pairs of underpants from the clean laundry pile, but they are both size 6X.

The thought of putting my jeans on without underpants on was unthinkable. I started to panic. What do I do???? I had to think fast because soon H6 would be coming out of the shower, so I made a split second decision. You guessed it. I pulled on the size 6X.

Rrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiipppppp. But then, it was OK. Good enough to get home in anyway.

Suddenly, H6 comes storming out of the shower stall. “Moooooommmmmmm!! Those are MY underpants. And now they have a HUGE HOLE in them!”

Did I mention these little shower/changing stalls are NOT sound proof and that the entire locker room has just been informed that I have my daughter’s underwear on, which now have a nice big hole in them. Nice. Very nice.

4 thoughts on “Giggles…

  1. “I’m out there Jerry & I’m loving every minute of it!” – Sorry, but i just had to throw in a Kramer-ism.

    I guess Victoria’s Secret is a wee bit different than Jessica’s Secret!!!

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