A Must Have…

Craig and Megan Dunham, great pals from the college days and beyond, have just found a great house in St. Louis they are going to buy later on this month. Believe it our not – YOU CAN HELP THEM BUY THIS HOUSE JUST BY ENJOYING SOME SUPER FUN MUSIC. More on that later….

What to say about these two, except that if you can think of a great memory with a friend of yours, I probably have one just like it with one or the other of these two. We all met at Eagle Lake Camp in the mid-90’s. Eagle Lake is an amazing camp for kids located in Pikes Peak National Forest in Colorado, and run by The Navigators, a nondenominational Christian ministry.

Megan and I bonded right away. Counselors who sneak snacks together, stick together. We giggled all summer long and into the following years, sending each other very random packages filled with gag gifts and long letters about the trials of love. We also nearly giggled Megan out of her love life, by annoying the heck out of her boyfriend Craig.

Craig was my boss at Eagle Lake, first when I was on summer staff, and later on when I came on board year round after graduation. He was more than a boss though. He was (is) a true mentor and friend. We sang together in one totally rad band, “Red Letter Edition,” for a couple of very fun filled summers up at Eagle Lake. Now here’s were this all comes together.

One of the very creative ways Craig and Megan are raising the funds for the down payment on the house is by selling a great collection of Craig’s music! 15 very fun songs (a few of which are sung by yours truly) are available for download for just $10. $9 will go to the down-payment-fund and $1 will go to the camp, Eagle Lake, were we all met and where Craig started recording his music.

So, here’s your chance to support a super great cause! These folks are the real deal. A wonderful family (they have 4 great girls!!) with an opportunity to land in a great home after renting and waiting while Craig has been attending Covenant Seminary.

Go on – get yourself some fun music right now. Great for you AND THE KIDS to dance the day away to.

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