A little tiny bit more on Worship

There is just a little bit more to say, actually, about leading worship yesterday. At one of the services, as I scanned the crowd looking for Ben, (and hoping like crazy he was able to wrangle our 3 monkeys by himself into clothes and the car), I noticed a woman. Let me preface by saying I DO NOT HAVE CLAIM TO HAVE PSYCHIC POWERS. I could totally be making this up, but you know when you “catch a vibe” from a person?

Well, I was catching the vibe that this lady thought because I was up on stage, with a microphone, a tiny bit of talent, and a smile on my face, she thought I was perfect. I could feel her envying my life, and thinking about how I probably had a perfect hubby, perfect kids, super nice home, happy, happy, all the time – happy. You get the point.

You know, she probably could have been regretting eating the donut she had for breakfast, but it did get me thinking a little. Probably more people than I realize think my life is pretty perfect, and I’m grateful for all the blessing I do have, and there are many. But my life is NOT PERFECT PEOPLE. And, lady in the 7th row – just in case you read this blog (snort) here’s the real me…

Wet hair, no makeup, carrying a lovely green grocery sack filled with soggy crackers (because something leaked) and not enough water for my kids who were burning up because I forgot to put sunscreen on them.

PS: After my son took this lovely picture, I told him it was time for us to leave the park, and he promptly melted into a screaming pile of hissy fit and totally embarrassed me to death. The end.

2 thoughts on “A little tiny bit more on Worship

  1. steph carlson says:

    WHAT?!?! Man, why have I been wasting my time reading your blog and idolizing you?? geez. I’m out of here.

    seriously – I think it is so funny you noticed that while you were leading worship. It strikes fear into my heart for all the times I was vibing “this song AGAIN?!??” or “Why can’t they just sing normal songs that I know!!”

    love the photo, the fact that your crackers were soggy, kids were under-slathered and that you were not made up at all.

    I also loved your idea of going to all the parks in town. That is SUCH a good idea (=

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