Our Summer So Far

I think I mentioned something about a prayerful, inspiring post coming soon. Don’t ever pay attention when I write things like that. How about a little photo diary instead??

So remember the 5K???

That was fun…but it did leave me feeling a bit, well…

I had to crop this baby down A LOT because the living room was in TOTAL chaos…  Well, then after a few days on the couch, we celebrated H5’s passing to the world of 6 year olds. Because I’m a mean mommy and make my children have their parties at home (because I always did and I just NEED to throw parties for 10 to 15, 6 and unders), there were many decorations to create. Including…

And of course…

That’s a horse, in case you were wondering… All in all it was a fun party. Don’t you think H6 looks pretty pleased?

Along with our daily trips to the YMCA for time in the pool, we continue our quest to visit every single park in Madison, WI even though we have a wonderful swing set in our own backyard.

All who wander are not lost you know. We just LOVE the wandering part.

We name all the parks very suitable names. This one is Purple Park, which lacks a little creativity. Others include Orange Park, Bad Boy Park (where we were once accosted by several very rowdy 8 year old boys), Shady Park, Dinosaur Park, and The One Down the Street.

A couple days ago we sent a photo message to my dad for his birthday. Here’s T4 with his part of “Happy Birthday Grandpa.” Of course, there was much drama about who would hold the Grandpa sign.

We’ve gone down to Dekalb a few times to pray for the campus and take some family photos.

Here’s my favorite picture from our last trip. I told Ben we should have taken our family photo in front of this instead of the beautiful School of Law.

He was probably right. This particular day was very long though. It took a lot of this…

just to get a couple of photos that actually turned out. Would you look at my face in this picture? Can you say, “Let’s get this over with already…”

PS: Please also notice my lethal elbows. One blow from those pointy weapons and you are toast!

All in all, it’s been a very full summer. Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day!

4 thoughts on “Our Summer So Far

  1. I love the fact that you actually posted that last picture!!! It’s pretty hilarious because we have ALL been there (at least those of us with kids) and it is always a relief to see someone else in that “zone”. Thanks for doing your part to take the pressure off of the rest of us to be perfect!!! 😉

  2. steph carlson says:

    hey – love all the photos. I love that you’re going to the Y every morning. i would TOTALLY have to do that to keep sane.
    You look SO slim/slender/skinny/etc (= well done. I’m sure the running helped out. Way to go on that as well.

  3. Peter DY says:

    Did you know that if you google sassy pants, your site is #6?! Congrats. It was fun looking through the pictures.

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