Open House Part III

By the way, this blog has officially become my real estate diary and will no longer contain any interesting or thought provoking posts. JUST KIDDING!!!

We did have another open house this past weekend and had 4 walk throughs. One couple was awesome, loved the house and…and…and… can’t afford it. Bummer. They were very sweet, had two boys, perfect… Lord, is there any way $15,000 could somehow make it’s way into their hands.

In case you are wondering where I’ve been these last weeks, mostly at the library. We are trucking through the children’s section like no body’s business. We go nearly every other day and check out a huge stack of 15-20 books. I’m not kidding. We are just strange like that. Then we read together off and on all day whenever there is a boring moment. And because I get bored easily, I want new ones fairly quickly. We will have NO problem completing the library’s summer reading challenge. In fact, it hasn’t even officially begun and I think we are just about done.

I am not bragging here. More like confessing. I am NOT creative and I’m really anti-mess right now because of the house being up for sale. We did potato stamping the other day and after I found the blue star on the wall I had to pack it all up. We seriously do backyard, books, backyard, books, basement, books, then backyard, then books. Thankfully, H6 is a new reader, so this is wonderful practice for her, since she reads about half and I read the other half. T4 is hanging with it, as long as he gets his fair share of non-fiction stuff like “Introduction to Incline Planes.”: L2 likes comedies and puppies.

You would think the librarians would be calling me super mom. After all, I am literally reading to the kids for hours a day. Instead I think they secretly call me, “Pain in the Butt” because every time I come in, I’m leaving a nice little stack of work for them. Have I ever mentioned my issue with grumpy librarians???

I’m learning quite a bit right now – more about faith and fear, and being a good mommy. It’s all still in the swimming around in my mind stage, but I feel a very well thought out and prayerful post coming on – any day now, so be sure to check back soon.

Thanks for visiting. Please leave a comment if only to say – HEY. It would MAKE MY DAY!!!

8 thoughts on “Open House Part III

  1. Megan says:

    Hey – you are Super Mom. I check out tons of books too. And then forget to read them. And then lose them.

    The librarians, they love me!

    And we are that couple for the house *we* want – Lord, make 15K fall into our hands too! 🙂

  2. ah 15,000 is like ….nothing….to God anyway.

    : )

    you are a VERY GOOD mommy.

    We bought one of those 200 dollar pools last year and that’s ALL my kids want to do. Which is good because I’m not a good enough mom to sit still and read that much.

    My librarians fully believe I am a moron. But I keep paying, so they keep letting me take out books and…lose them.

  3. Hey Jess! I haven’t commented much lately, but I’m reading your blog faithfully and I pray for you often — especially as we are in that same faith journey of selling our home as well! I know what you mean about the temptation to blog just about THAT, because it is a huge part of what’s going on in life (and I’m sure you’ll find more comments on my blog about it soon, too). Great to hear that you had FOUR walk-thrus! Keep reading — what a great way to spend time with the kiddos! I wish I could read that much right now, but Lucy and I have to wait until Joey is sleeping to bring out the books because he just wants to EAT them. 🙂

  4. steph carlson says:

    You know, I was going to tell you this even before your sweet plea for comments: because my life is in a state of upheavel, I am TOTALLY addicted to reading your blog and Megan’s and one other friend. I think it makes me feel better. It helps me escape from our current issues of are we moving are we not? which country are we going to live in? What business will we end up pursuing? Is something totally weird going to happen and move someplace wierd like Libya? AAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
    Thus, I LOVE your posts about libraries, 5Ks, lack of creativity and Megan’s issues with never ending lettuce-like things.
    I check in with you about twice a week (=

  5. I have just sat here and read about your summer. It’s as if I can actually hear you. I hear your giggles and love them all. You are such a special lady. I wish we were neighbors. Though we live in the South, where all ladies are supposed to be meek, sweet and kind…at least to your face. They chose at our library to hire the opposite. I actually think they DON’T like it when people take the books. It’s so bad people write editorials about it down here…..not me, at least, not yet.

    Steph Choat…where do you live?

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