Controversy, Intrigue, Murder…

I just like to use that title once in while to make my blog stats spike. Then I trick myself into thinking people are really just super interested in my blog.

The truth is, I’ve written a thousand blog posts in my mind over the last few days, but typical of when we are under stress, they were all half thought out rampages, terrible theological illustrations, and character flaw enhancing stories. I decided maybe just a quick update would suffice.

YOU’LL NEVER GUESS!!!!!!!! No one has yet to come and look at the house, although a few wonderful friends have taken a walk through and given us some very encouraging feedback. I really feel like we have done every last single thing we could do to make the house sell and now I can sit back and enjoy my lovely home.

Seriously, there are so many people to thank. As I’ve said before, not one wall or blade of grass has not been touched by a student or friend. Countless hours of quality and free labor have been given to us by our community here in Madison. Thank you all so much.

I think I’m in the groove, finally, with our summer. We are doing swimming in the morning at the YMCA, then home for some very casual “school” time and chores, lunch, down time with a movie or friend over, snack and chores again, outside while I make dinner, dinner, and usually something is going on at night.

To stay on top of these crazy monkeys, I have to prep about 30 minutes each night, which is surprisingly fun and really pays off. I get a craft of something ready, print out some worksheets or coloring pages, decide what errands we will run, make lists, make my own to do list, etc.

I know you all are saying, “Duh, Jess – I’ve been doing that for years…” but I am just now discovering this. Anyway, not to say everyday runs smoothly, but it helps me to have some direction. Lack of direction in our house equals very moody mommy and super squirrely kids.

We love the YMCA and can’t believe we’ve never joined before. Oh, yeah – now I remember why. It costs money. HA! But, we may think about joining in the fall.

I haven’t run once since my 5K on Saturday, but I have done my ZUMBA class. There is a 60+ year old woman in that class who is my inspiration. She is tall and lanky like me, but she is so graceful and fun to watch. She is easily the best dancer in our entire class of 50 or so.

Thanks for checking in. I’ll be posting pictures of H6’s birthday bash later. It was a blast.

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