In light of the Open House tragedy, I decided it would be best for everyone we went ahead and signed up for a couple of summer sports/lessons. After a solid day of investigation, we decided to join the YMCA for the summer.

Our two goals for the summer were to get the kids swimming without floaties and riding bikes without training wheels – well, H5 and T4 that is. We’ve done swimming lessons in the past, and maybe it’s the ex-competitive swimmer in me, but I haven’t been overly impressed. Ben and I decided to each take a kid and go to open swims with them regularly and teach them ourselves. H5 and I went today for the first time and had a blast. We worked on developing better kick technique mostly.

Anyway, a major perk is access to all the free step/aerobic classes. I secretly LOVE working out to house music. Anyway, I found a GREAT class today called ZUMBA, which is Latin Dance Moves/Aerobics. What a blast. I made sure I couldn’t see myself in the mirror though. I think I’ll make it my regular non-running day workout…and maybe I’ll sneak over to the thrift store and buy myself a sassy Salsa skirt to wear. Ha! 🙂


One thought on “Zumba

  1. Shannon Bridge says:

    I remember swim team! Even though I came in 8th out of 8 swimmers, I still got a ribbon. I was so proud of that ribbon too… I did much better at soccer. (Well… sort of. I was fiercer. The ball could be in a different hemisphere, but I was still kicking the shins of everyone I came near.)

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