Barb Vanzante = GOLD

I had the opportunity to chat with a SUPER WISE woman, Barb Vanzante, today. We were just shooting the breeze, sharing our news, and she as per usual, she listened patiently as I rattled off my list of concerns and fears regarding our upcoming move, or possible lack there of.

Without a lecture, without making me feel stupid, seasoned with grace, experience, and peace, she spoke of her own journey of faith in her season of life – and what a little season it has been.

When we first met Barb and her husband Bob, four years ago, they had just bought a new home and Bob was finishing out the basement himself, planting endless gardens around the house, and both of them were meeting weekly with several couples and single staff in the area. Just in the past year, Bob was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and underwent surgery, chemo, and radiation for an aggressive brain tumor. Right now, Barb’s full time job is caring for Bob as he recovers. It’s been quite a shift. It is certainly not what they had planned for their emtpy-nester years.

She reminded me that it’s our calling as followers of Christ to trust, and to expect suffering. When Christ opens the door to eternity for us, it is a given that we will experience physical death. And, along the way, we are assured of His presence with us during our trials, so we should expect that they will come. It is by design. We are called to walk by faith. The unknowns of our lives are God’s gift to us.

Boy, have she and Bob been an example of experiencing the joys of walking by faith. It has been (and this is not an exaggeration) life changing to see them walk through Bob’s Parkinson’s and then cancer…by faith.

As we drove away, I let out a huge sigh of relief. We are called to a life of faith – Oh yeah. Seriously, it was like I was considering living this way for the very first time – ever. (Don’t you love how we have to relearn, and relearn, and in my case, relearn, these timeless lessons of the faith.)

What is the practical application of living by faith as we desire to sell our house and move? Prayer for one. The simple speaking out loud to God that I do trust Him. And secondly, more time with Barb. Now before you all start emailing me for her phone number, because time with her is literally – gold, let me just get one thing straight.

SHE’S MINE PEOPLE, SO HANDS OFF!!! (Just kidding… sort of.)

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