Worship Part – I’ve lost count…

Leading worship today was humbling. Turns out, I’ve always sung the hymn “It is well,” just a tiny bit differently than the masses and so in leading it this morning there was this one note that kept CRUNCHING like a terrible train wreck. Oh well. 



2 thoughts on “Worship Part – I’ve lost count…

  1. Hi, just wanted you to know I did it!! I jogged 90 seconds and walked 120 for 20 minutes. Whew!
    What about when you grew up singing a song with one word and then all of a sudden they change it and you’re still singing the old word!? Or maybe I grew up singing it the Church of Christ way and the Baptists have a different word. LOL I can’t think of the one I mean right now, of course…..

  2. Well, whenever I sing “It Is Well”, I always insert a vocal cymbal crash during the third verse – just under my breath, since we don’t use instruments. I just hope I don’t ever do that when I’m on the mic!!!

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