Well, thanks for the sweet compliments on the house. If you haven’t checked out the sites, have a look if you are the curious type. I am – I love driving around at night and looking in people’s windows. Nothing sinister – I just like to check out their furniture, etc.

Here are the two links:

or our home’s little blog.

But I have to say… in order for me to get the house looking that neat, a lot of things had to give this weekend. (Here’s the giggle part…)

1. My son went to church without underpants on.

2. None of the kids brushed their teeth all weekend.

3. The humongous pile of “where do these things go? well, just shove them over here for now while I take the picture,” traveled from room to room while I shot the photos. Said pile is now comfortably strewn all around the house again.

3 thoughts on “Giggles

  1. Kristin says:

    Now that I think about it, I was actually complimenting you on successfully moving the piles out of the way for the photos! I have been a mom long enough to have intuitively known that the stuff was out of sight – not “out of house”! 😉 I have done the same trick many times… Keepin’ it real.

  2. aSprinkling says:

    I love your “giggles”! I think the first one is definitely my favorite. I’m just wondering…how did you figure it out?

    I just ran across your blog, but I wanted to give you a comment or two. I hope they help. If possible, I would suggest changing your outside the house picture on the fsbo site. The inside of the house looks very nice, but that picture is not flattering. Also, if you could take another picture of the lower floor bathroom, I think it could help. It looks like a very nice updated bathroom. However, the color of the picture does not show it off. I hope you’ll sell quickly!

  3. Hi,
    I saw your comment on Pioneer woman and thought I would check out your site. We are moving to Madison next month so I love to read blogs of madison residents:) Somehow I ended up at this post and got a chuckle out of the “looking in people’s windows” thing. My very first blog post was about the same thing. I ended up sounding kind of crazy in hindsight. Anyway, I look forward to visiting again when I have time to read a little more! And Good luck with your house…

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