Whoops – No Camera!

Today the fam headed to our local municipal airport to try and see a few airplanes take off and land. It was a very blustery day which meant there wasn’t much going on. We toured around a bit looking at some cool maps and photos when a man asked if we’d like to have a look at his bi-plane located in a hanger down the road. It looked just like the one in this picture. Of course, I didn’t have my camera with me. Shucks.

What a neat experience. This guy is a professional acrobat airplane guy. I know I’m not saying that correctly, but he’s the guy who does the cool rolls and flips and stuff at air shows. His plane was beautiful and the kids got a chance to sit inside and make the wings and tail move around. VERY COOL!!

A great morning, thanks to the kindness of a stranger!

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