I love my monkeys

Today we found out that one of the little girls in our preschool is going to live with her grandparents. She just arrived at our school a few months ago FROM her grandparents, and now, due to some very real stress in the immediate family, she’s headed back there.

Everyone at the preschool is heartbroken. It has taken us many months to win her trust, and she has only in this last week or two been able to manage her emotions enough to enjoy a good day. We are all really worried about what another transition will mean for her.

I’m not judging her parents. I’m sure their reasons are serious and that they love her. But, I’m also sure that this is going to be a tough road for her. I’ve heard it said that children are excellent at making observations, but terrible at interpreting them. In her mind, her daddy is sending her away and the only reason she can probably come up with is that something is wrong with her.

I’m squeezing my monkeys extra tight today and thanking God that I have the privilege of caring for them everyday.

Please pray for the little one who’s life is being tossed about in the wind. Pray that God would be her one constant, and that His love would supernaturally sustain her.

One thought on “I love my monkeys

  1. Aww…that is the worst part of my job sometimes. I hate seeing the kids that you know could make it if they had a decent chance. I finally decided I couldn’t bring them all home with me (not that I’m perfect by any stretch) and I had to leave it in God’s hands. It is sad. I hope things work out for the best!

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