Opening up the floor

I could really use some perspective from those of you who are homeschooling. (Don’t worry – this is not another plea about whether or not I should homeschool or not. It’s still on the table, that’s all I can say.) Anyway…

I just had some interaction with a family who is homeschooling and using a Christian curriculum. Now, I THINK, the negative components of the conversation had more to do with the parent’s perspective and influence, verses the curriculum they are using, but since I don’t know for sure – would some of you please comment on this issue?

(Warning – I’ve been struggling to express this concern, even as I’ve shared it with Hunky Hubby. So, if you don’t “get me” here, please don’t attack me. I’m sincerely, strictly, wondering – not making any sort of general accusation about homeschooling families.)

Without going into the whole long conversation, my basic questions are these:

1) Does using a Christian curriculum inadvertently influence children to equate non-Christian materials as somehow unworthy or wrong to study and learn from?

2) Is it OK for that to happen for a while, while they are young, as long as you introduce more “worldly” materials at some later date when they are able to better digest and interpret that information?

3) Or, does allowing that to happen make it hard for them, at any point, to begin to integrate non-Christian materials into their thinking and perspective?

4) Has anyone found that it works to use secular materials with Bible study materials alongside?

5) Has anyone found that using secular materials makes it hard for kids to gain a biblical worldview?

6) Is the answer that it is really all up the parent and this is really not a curriculum issue?

OK – now I’m sure you are all really confused. I guess I want my children to be humble, and flexible, when they come across material that is more controversial in nature, like evolution for example. I don’t want them to repeat some memorized mantra like, “Evolution is the product of the enemy,” and stop thinking.

I know I’m throwing around terms that are rather unclear, “un-Biblical,” “controversial,” “worldly” etc. like they mean the same thing to everyone. I know they don’t, but none the less – the floor is open. I’d like to know how any of you are handling this issue.

Thank you.

One thought on “Opening up the floor

  1. Kristy says:

    Jess, wow…good questions!…great questions!…i think i totally get what your asking…we want our kids to know God, His character and ways, we want them to understand our purpose and to love Him….AND we want them to grasp that His mercy and love are for everyone and that we are not somehow more deserving than a lost world….we don’t want our kids to view the “world” (the lost) as so very foreign from us that they wish to be in a bubble…

    i just read what i wrote and i’m not sure that it all makes sense…anyhoo, i love ya…hope everyone is doing well!


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