I have proof!

In 9 years the following conversation will take place…

H5: “Daddy, Mike called and asked if he could take me to the movies on Friday. Is that OK?”

Hunky Hubby: “H5 – How old are you?”

H5: “Duh, Dad. 14!”

Hunky Hubby: “Let’s review… How old do you need to be to go on a date with a guy without me along?”

H5:”Daaaaaaaad! Come on!!”

Hunky Hubby: “Sweetie. How old?”

H5: “35…”

Hunky Hubby: “Yup.”

H5: “Dad that is stupid!! You totally do not love me. You are a murderer of love!!”

Not so fast young lady. Remember this?

That’s you on your father’s back in the middle of the Colorado wilderness! That Daddy loves you VERY much.

(But the answer is still NO to dating before you are 35.)

6 thoughts on “I have proof!

  1. Megan says:

    You are still in Dan mode, aren’t you? I loved that movie and hated it. I still can’t decide. 🙂 Way cute picture.

  2. Amy C.-baptism buddy says:

    Archie and I loved the movie and we know that we will be considered murderers of love- oh well! That’s our job as parents while they are still young. . . right? hey, you inspired me Jess. I put a hold on Three Cups of Tea at my library and am picking it up tomorrow. Thanks!

  3. Stick to it! Stick to it!! I’ll never have proof, but I believe the changing of our minds about the dating issue was the beginning of the demise for my daughter. All I can hold on to now is “Train them up in the way they should go….”

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