Bet you didn’t know…

Well, actually, I bet you did – but this family is a WORK IN PROGRESS – and nothing brings that home like having someone live with you for a while. We are enjoying the company of a recent graduate, Erik. Maybe he imagined that in a Navstaff home, dinners would consist of a bounty of mouthwatering food, stimulating conversation, only infrequently interrupted by cute comments from our amazingly well-mannered children.


Dinner at our house has been a mad house lately. Children are talking over each other, refusing to eat, slamming cups down on the table, and talking about poop. Hunky Hubby and I have been caught rolling our eyes, escorting screaming children to their rooms for spankings and time-outs, and feeling a little lost. It is very humbling to have your trial and errors laid bare before another’s eyes. I only hope he can walk away from the experience with more compassion for the average parent out there. This is tough stuff!

On a lighter note – last night I was waiting for Hunky Hubby to return home from a Cub’s game. It had been a long night. I have a bad cold and at night my voice is really husky and gross. The cell phone rang and he let me know he was close. Then I heard the dead-bolt begin to turn, so I got up and opened the door the rest of way. Wrapped in my blanket, I didn’t even look up, just muttered a barely audible, “Hey Babe,” and hobbled back to the couch.

You know what? It wasn’t Hunky Hubby. It was Erik. DUH! Boy did I feel stupid.

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