Say What??

Yesterday was my first day back to work after a week of Spring Break. I got up a little early, washed my hair, put on an outfit I was actually looking forward to wearing…wonderfully slimming cream colored cords, fitted gray longsleeve t-shirt, with a great black shortsleeve sweater over it, cute mary-janes… I even started the day off joking with my hubby about how cute I looked. Yes, I was feeling good.

On my way to work, I take H5 to school. We walked into her classroom and my perky, fresh, cute, smile was wiped from my lips by the following…

“Wow. You look like I feel.” said Mom #1. (Followed by a deep sigh and a rolling of the eyes to indicate how exhausted, and drained she was.)

What? Can’t a sister catch a break?

Thankfully, a dear friend and I created a secret system for exacting revenge on people who deeply offend while we were in college. With a fast and nearly indetectible squinting of the eyes, invisable arrows are shot at the person in question. If we were walking across campus together and a snobby professor, or ex-crush, could be seen walking toward us – the arrows would fly…then the giggles…then the warm feeling of friendship.

Jen, wish you had been there this morning. I felt a little stupid shooting my arrows all alone – although, I did still giggle a little.

4 thoughts on “Say What??

  1. Megan says:

    Oh. Bummer!! What makes people say stuff like that? Someone said something similar to me a while ago and I gave her the gracious response of, “Oh, that’s just what I was hoping someone would tell me tonight.” I had to go later and apologize…

  2. Deb says:

    Oh..that woman was blinded by her own sense of ” unwellness” and diminished your sense of beauty.. but you’re still beautiful, Jess! Every time I catch sight of you, in any outfit, in any mood, I am refreshed! You are so gentle and sweet! And I will always remember the shared tears over Bob VZ. !

    Just the thought of you salves over my wounds because I got a bad rap from some other lady who just butted in a very enjoyable exchange with a new friend last Sunday. She required my attention without respect for the presence of another. When I later called her attn to that , it came out that from that intrusion, I had offended her and have been ungracious and unloving. I was so tempted to chew her up via e-mail but by the Lord’s grace, I owed up to my “sin” and shoot the arrows of prayers with tears in her behalf.

    Speaking of giggles, did you pick up Alex Gee’s book When God Lets You Down? Powerful! His ending was about giggles. Hope this piques your interest!

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