Mental Lists

Have you ever had the feeling that if you sat down to make a list of all you need to do, want to do, should do, etc. you could fill an entire spiral bound notebook? In my case, many of the things I could list, would also have their own sub-lists. Example:

1. Find best school for kiddos in case we send them to public school next fall.


1. Make appointments for visits.

2. Coordinate dates with hubby for school visiting trip.

3. Call Dekalb contacts for any insider information.

4. Figure out if you want to send kiddos to school.


1. Think through entire identity and long term parenting goals…again.  SEE WHAT I MEAN?

Oh, heck. I think I’ll just sit here and read, The Runaway Bunny again with T4 and call it a day.

One thought on “Mental Lists

  1. My hubby and I spent a ton of time this past year praying and discussing how we would handle our kids’ schooling. At times it was overwhelming — I would begin to imagine what a big impact this decision would have over their lives. It would determine their friends, their experiences, possibly even whom they would marry. But then I would remember that God has a plan for their lives, and He’s going to accomplish it. Period. I feel really good about the decsion we came to. I’m sure God will lead you guys to the best decision possible for your little ones!

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