Psalm Sunday

From Matthew 21, verse 9.  

The crowds that went ahead of him and those that followed shouted,    “Hosanna[a] to the Son of David!”    “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!”[b]    “Hosanna[c] in the highest!”    

Remembering today that “Hosanna” literally means, “save.” When the disciples and other followers of Jesus were proclaiming “Hosanna” as Jesus entered Jerusalem, I wonder what they were hoping He would save them from.

They were living in terribly oppressive times. Despite all they knew of Jesus, and what Jesus had taught them about what He was actually saving them from, I know what I would have been praying, as I waved my branch and threw down my cloak.

“Save me from these oppressive times, from the persecution and the poverty. Save me from disease, anxiety, and homelessness. Save my children from suffering. Save me. Jesus. Hosanna!”

Jesus had indeed saved many in just that way…restoring dead sons, healing illnesses, providing food, and easing suffering, but what he was coming to do in Jerusalem, this saving, was of a different kind. He was saving them, and me, from sins penalty.

Oh yeah…my sin. That needs saving. I almost forget about it sometimes, it is so neatly tucked under the mattress or swept under the mat. It’s ugliness disguised by good deeds and lack of integrity.

I want to cry out to Jesus, this Psalm Sunday…

“Hosanna. Save me from this recession, the terrible housing market, high gas prices, fevers and flu, the stress of leaving here, the anxiety I have over where to send my children to school…”

He knows these concerns, but today I remember and celebrate His sacrifice for me and the forgiveness and redemption I know because of it.

“Hosanna, Lord – from my sin. Amen.” 

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