The Dream Team

Something happens to my kiddos when we have to go the our doctor’s office. They are always Superstars there, and I always skip out of there feeling like I have the best kiddos on the entire planet.

This is going to be a very braggy post, so if you hate moms who brag on their kids – please skip today. (I promise I don’t do this often!)

We have a wonderful nurse, but you know how it us. She was busy getting the usual down – height, weight, etc. when she noticed L2’s hair. Here it is…


The nurse quickly commented on how cute it was and went back to her very important duties. A few minutes later, L2 poked the nurse on the leg and said, “You have very beautiful hair too.”

The nurse’s entire demeanor changed and the most gigantic smile spread across her face. In about 2 minutes L2 was famous and the entire office was buzzing about the “cutest, most polite, little girl ever!”

Then we totally shocked them all again when T4 had to get a very yucky infection on his thumb lanced – our original purpose in coming. He was a total hero! He snuggled up on my lap and bravely stuck out his thumb. The doctor was super impressed and commented again on what great kids I have.

You know, I do have great kids. They certainly have their moments, but I really need these little boosts now and then to help me remember what a treasure they are.

Here is my little dream team – minus H5 who was busy learning how to do long division in Kindergarten (just kidding).


Thanks for letting me brag for a minute. Back to complaining about Leviticus tomorrow – hee hee.

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