Trucking On

Well, I decided not to give up Leviticus. Mostly because I always do what my friend Craig tells me to, and he had this to say about my decision to ditch the Old Testament for the year.

“Jess, before you (or Kelly) bag the Old Testament altogether, do yourself and those students you say you want to help a favor by picking up Knowing Jesus Through the Old Testament by Christopher J.H. Wright. You won’t be disappointed.

As Wright himself says, “Throughout his life Jesus lived by the script of Israel. Only as we come to understand Jesus as a man with a story – an Old Testament story – will we come to know who Jesus truly is. To change that narrative is to deface our only reliable portrait of Jesus.”

Just kidding Craig. He’s right, and I know it.

This morning I’m enjoying a little slice of law and a cup of coffee while the kids sleep in because of daylight savings time because they never get out of bed until I come and say it’s OK at about 8. I’m also enjoying another slice of one of my favorite books, Mr. Guinnesse’s, Doubt – Faith in two minds. (Why isn’t my underline thingy working this morning? Oh well…)

Anyway, here’s what I’ll be thinking over this morning…

“The drive of our fallen nature is to tone down the volume of the Word of God, to make it less insistent, less pressing, less precise and to turn it into a kind of sacred Muzak. What we need, when we read God’s Word, is to take our fingers off the control and let it speak to us and search us as it will.”

In my haste and tiredness, I admit I want “Sacred Musak.” Something that helps me feel good for a while, like my coffee in the morning. But Craig and Mr. Guinness are right, and so I’m trucking on.

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