Waterpark Fun!

The Dagers needed a little break. We took a very mini-vacation to Wisconsin Dells and stayed in a hotel with a little indoor waterpark. It was small, it was nearly empty, and it was PERFECT.


One of 1,200 times T4 went down this tube. The Waterpark is a very small one, for kids under the age of 8. It was perfect for our little group.


H5’s favorite little dolphin friend.


L2 looking so chic in her purple floaties.


This is my favorite pic of H5. She only flashes this particular smile when she is VERY happy.


Gotta love this look on T4’s face. He just spotted the HOT TUB!


You know you are having fun when you can’t wait to show up at the pool at 8 AM without touching your hair or brushing your teeth! Here L2 and I are at 8:07 – stinky breath and all!

It was literally 24 hours, but it was such a great get-a-way. We played hard, Hunky Hubby and I talked and talked after the kids went to bed, and we ate Culvers on the way home. Oooohhhh yeeeaaaaahhh.

4 thoughts on “Waterpark Fun!

  1. Mini-getaways rock! Our small group went up to the Dells in February a few years back & the indoor waterpark we went to was awesome! It was a great break from snowy weather!

    I totally understand T4 – I think I really want a hot tub!

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