You know you’re tired when…

…you have a group of 30+ students over to your house for a Bible Study and while the group heads downstairs for a time of sharing, you tuck your son in and manage to fall asleep curled up next to his bed on the floor, and sleep through the entire meeting. Hunky Hubby found me there at 11 after all the students had gone home and nobody knew where I was. Whoops.

We had a very productive weekend of replacing light fixtures and painting. The new fan in our bedroom is so awesome… The kitchen is looking better and better… Our bathroom is such a great new shade of slate gray…

We have been so blessed to have people around us who want to help. We feel a lot of pressure to make the house look AMAZING because of the slow housing market. It’s been such a blessing to us for students and friends to lend us their skills and time to help us.

You know, we’ve watched moving trucks pull up to neighbor’s homes, and the kids and I rush over and say, “We had no idea you were moving! Where are you going?” They tell us and move. There one day and gone the next…slipping away nearly without notice. I dread that. Each time someone comes to help us get the house ready, it reminds me that people care about us, and the dreaded feeling of slipping out of town unnoticed goes away. How wonderful to be surrounded by so many people who care for us. You are all making it so hard to think of leaving.

2 thoughts on “You know you’re tired when…

  1. susq says:

    I’m totally denying the fact that you’re moving…I’m just pretending that it’s going to happen someday–like far far away in the future when we end up moving. It’s gonna be so sad the day I realize you don’t live there anymore. Okay, I’m going back into denial mode, it’s so much easier 🙂

  2. Lisa says:

    I agree with Susie. It’s coming up so fast. It doesn’t really feel like you guys will actually be leaving. : (

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