Moving – Part 4 of 156,786


I caved… I went to a thrift store a bought nick-knacks to put above our cabinets in an effort to “stage” our house. I don’t buy nick-knacks – EVER. Everything we own I’ve collected very slowly over the years and I can tell you exactly where each and every one came from.

The basket on our entertainment center – friend in college gave it to me at a Christmas Gift Exchange party.

Birdhouse in the living room – High-school crush made it for me and his mom hand painted it.

Candlesticks in the dining room – Christmas 2004 from my mom.

You get the idea. So, now I feel like a fake. I have no idea where that cute little plate came from, or what in the world that green bottle is for. The plant is fake and the “Welcome” sign came from the clearance bin at Jo-Annes.

The students are making fun of us for FINALLY fixing up our kitchen. You know, it was one of those things we sort of just got used to.

So, there you have it – a little thrift store junk and a fake plant, (oh yeah – and new cabinet hardware, new countertops, new lightfixtures, new window, and new curtain.)

Anyone interested buyers out there? You can pick the counter top color if you act fast!

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