I’m arranging the content of my message on “Dating” around a series of letters. The first is a very funny little paper exchange between two first graders. Todd asks Julie to be his girlfriend, and offers to throw in some gum to sweeten the deal. Julie forgoes the romance, but does accept the Hubba Bubba. Oh, love.

Another letter is from a highschool friend exchanged in the halls between classes. Each discussion group will get a note folded up like we did back in the day, lamenting the “jerk” who broke up with Julie to go out with the girl who just got plastic surgery to enhance her, *ahem*, bottom.

The next is a picture of a breakup communicated via cell phone text messaging.


The one I’m most excited about is a letter our friend, Bob VanZante, wrote to the young gal who would become his wife, Barb, back in 1969. He was in Japan as a missionary, she was still in college. In the letter, he summarizes his prayers over the previous year for her, the scripture God gave him confirming for him that Barb was “the one,” and finally confessing his love for her – at the same time asking her out – officially. So different from the stages we typically pass through in romance today. Lots of words of love, little commitment.

The last letter is a letter from the Lord. It’s basically a love letter from the Father to His daughters, expressing His lavish love for them. They’ll get a copy of it to take home in a pretty red envelope with a sappy heart on it.

I want them to walk away with a desire to make their relationships reflect God’s love for them, His goodness, and His beauty. I’ve thrown in a small but healthy dose of “Do’s and Don’ts” just because we all need a little practical help. But, my heart for all the girls is to really know that what ever the past has held for them, with Jesus, their relationships with men can be really beautiful and wholesome.

4 thoughts on “Letters

  1. Chalsea says:

    Jess, I sooooo wish I was going to be there. That makes my heart ache for God with just that snippet. I’ll be praying for the girls.

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