Moving – Part 3 of 156,786

I’m not sure how many posts exactly will be about our move, but right now the entire thing feels so overwhelming – 156,786 seems about right in terms of how many more posts it might take until our lives are back to “normal.”

Last night we had a super fun couple over. They both have some pretty amazing gifts in home renovation/decorating so we went room to room with them and they helped us think what we could do to get the house ready to sell. We decided to paint all the trim white, the kitchen cabinets white, and replace the counter tops. I kept tearing up during the process, which I’m sure was confusing to everyone, but here’s the thing. I really have grown to love this home. It was so DOG UGLY when we moved in, and it sure has a long way to go, but I love every nook and cranny. Then we finally sat down to dinner with this couple,  a student stopped by to let our kids play with his new puppy. He sat down to dinner too, and we all started chatting.

My table was full, the conversation was great, and that made me even more teary. The more the meal continued the more I realized how great this gal is. I had the sinking feeling that we could be very good friends – except we’re moving.

The friends went home, the kids went to bed, and poor Hunky Hubby was stuck with a teary wife complaining about how happy we have been in Madison?!%*!

Pressing on this morning. Trying to stay hopeful. And so ends moving post, part 3 of 156,786.

On a more interesting note, I’m preparing a talk for Friday about – drum roll please – MODESTY AND DATING! (It’s a women’s only thing.) You know, I love this topic, but as usual I’m finding my thoughts on it very abstract and super impractical. I know they don’t want a list of does and don’ts, but they should probably be able to say I was at the very least speaking English, right? And so begins the process of trying to express in words what the deep impressions and images in my heart are. I hate and love this process.

2 thoughts on “Moving – Part 3 of 156,786

  1. hey…i will say a prayer for you guys about your move & about your preparations for the talk…i heard a few years ago a speaker use this…”instead of asking, ‘how far is too far?’ ask, ‘how holy can i be?'”

  2. Chalsea says:

    You know, Jess, as much as I hated those talks and REALLY hated those lists, something in my heart heard them anyway. And as silly as those lists seemed to me at the time, I found myself using them as weapons against temptation later on. Funny how that works. So, basically, I’m saying, don’t get caught up on what you’re saying. You know the Holy Spirit has words for you and is preparing their hearts. Come to the table empty, Jess, and let the Holy Spirit fill you. If those girls love you half as much as I do and recognize your wisdom even the slightest bit, they’ll be eager to hear whatever He gives you to say. You spoke into my life so much in my few years with you, I have no doubt you’ll rock. 🙂

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