Tag – Take 3

I’ve Been Tagged… by one of the hippest people I know – Kristy!

Seriously, check her site out. She is totally hip, seriously loves the Lord, and has a beautiful new baby girl.

1. How do you take your coffee? Let’s just say – I take the product “Half n’ Half” very literally. My coffee is half coffee, half cream, and includes around 3 TABLESPOONS of sugar. (I know – this is terrible.)

2. What is your restaurant genre of choice? Really, it’s all about atmosphere for me. I could eat anything (well, nearly anything) if I’m in a neat place.

3. If you had to eat the entire cake, what kind would it have to be? Spice cake, cream cheese frosting.

4. What kind of cook do you consider yourself to be (i.e. gourmet)? I love to cook. I love to try new things – but I NEED a recipe. That’s why www.allrecipes.com is my best buddy.

5. Eggs for breakfast? Depends. I’m weird about eggs. I have to cook them myself and then if I actually smell the eggs while I’m cooking them – I can’t eat them. I know – very strange.

6. Are you an adventurous eater? Yes and No. I love to try new food, but if it’s made out of something I don’t recognize, then maybe not so much.

7. Would you consider yourself a food snob? Not at all. Bring on the PB and J and grilled cheese.

Thanks for tagging my Kristy. Really, you make me smile!

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