I hate you Walgreens!

I had to swing by Walgreens today to pick up a prescription for T4. I usually go through the drive-though, but had to go in the actual store today, because I also needed band-aids and ibuprofen. Very, very, bad mistake…

I appreciate the way Walgreens is laid out, generally. All the drugs are along the side and back walls, with the junk in the very front and middle. I started out strong, sticking to the back isle, finding the prescription, band-aids and ibuprofen – and then – it happened.

In order to get to the check out I had to walk through 1/2 isle of junk food. Being in a compromised condition (Hunky Hubby is away, T4 and I are engaged in an ongoing poop battle – hence the prescription and 10 pairs of poopy underpants I have washed, etc.), I crumbled – in a very bad way.

I walked out of the store with a Dr. Pepper (ice cold – yummy) an enormous bag of barbecue potato chips, and the hugest heart shaped box of Valentines Day candy I could find (75% off – who could resist???).

Next time, I’ll just beg the drive-though person to grab me my band-aids and stay the heck out of the store!

5 thoughts on “I hate you Walgreens!

  1. I’ve was in that same potty battle with my Jessica until she was 4 1/2 yrs. old! We did the powder meds & the “bullets” too. I got sick & tired of washing underwear, pants & carpets!!!!! She was very stubborn….but fear not – they DO eventually all get potty trained! And, for the record, I say you HAD to buy that stuff for sanity’s sake!!!

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