In the Zone

If the Lord moves heaven and earth, and the housing market in Madison, allowing us to sell our (beautiful, charming, lovely) home very quickly – we hope to move in 4 months. Plenty of time right? I shouldn’t be worrying, packing, or looking at homes online yet – right?

BUT… We are actually putting said home up on the market in less than one month and in that month Ben will be gone for 10 days!

Let the purging begin!

I’ve already sold/given away a filing cabinet, L2’s toddler bed, and a huge dresser via Craig’s list.

We have 2 work days planned for the other two Saturdays in March when Ben will be home, and just because I’m a bit of an emotional wreck right now, we’ve planned a quick family overnight to Wisconsin Dells for the first week of March.

We’ve significantly narrowed our housing search after finally getting a chance to talk about what we’d like in our next home and neighborhood. Thankfully, Hunky Hubby and I have the same thing in mind. (More on this later.) 

I feel like we’ve entered “the zone.”

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