“The sky is falling, the sky is falling…”


I feel like Chicken Little. It feels like the sky is falling.

Is the world getting more dangerous or am I just getting older?

Driving back from Dekalb on Thursday before the shooting, Hunky Hubby and I made a very logical list of the pro’s and con’s of all the school choices we are considering for the fall – homeschooling, private school, public school. It’s very concrete – very logical. It doesn’t take into consideration anyone’s feelings on the matter. It’s just the facts and figures.

Once we heard about the shooting, I shredded the paper, locked the door, and informed the kids I was going to have to educate them with only the Internet and our Netflix subscription as resources because no one was coming or going anywhere ever again.

I’m being honest here. I know I am often sarcastic, but how in the world am I supposed to make a rational decision about schooling for my children in light of the violence in this country. Has it really come down to the fact that I can’t consider any school anywhere because my kids might get shot?

I know I’m having a knee-jerk reaction of sorts, but it feels like as soon as I (personally) and we (as a country) start to calm down and feel a little safe again, something else happens.

In terms of our ministry in Dekalb, we feel more called than ever to be on the NIU campus. In terms of living in the community, I can’t think of a better place to be. The reality of life and death will be fresh on all our hearts, as it should be.

But what do I do with thoughts like, “Well, I guess maybe we’re safer because what’s the likelihood of there being 2 mass killings in Dekalb, IL???????”

Thanks for reading my bloggy vent. Forget what you just read and come back tomorrow when (hopefully) I’ll have something more rational to write.

2 thoughts on ““The sky is falling, the sky is falling…”

  1. sheri says:

    I hear you Jess. I thought that it was crazy just a mile down the road and then to hear about the small town that I grew up in and recognizing all the streets and landmarks.

    I remember you and I huddling in the EL office during Columbine 9 years ago. The world has changed since then.

    How do you pray with a high schooler who is in tramic stress syndrom because she still hears gun shots. It is tough but as I reminder her, God’s perfect love is the only thing that can drive out fear. So difficult.

    Hang in there!!!!

  2. You’ve heard the old cliche that God says “Do not fear” 365 times……one for every day that we need to hear it! But it’s SOOOOO hard sometimes. I think the fact that you are a Mom makes everything seem more dangerous. I can’t even think about letting my kids go on the rollercoasters that I used to love because I’m so afraid that something might happen. Also, Nick is deathly allergic to peanuts & tree nuts, but I HAVE to let him live his life. I can’t control anything. I have to trust that God is in control of Nick’s life & I promise to do my part in being careful, but I also promise to love God no matter what happens. This has taken a long time to develop as you just live life day by day.
    So….I guess I don’t really have true words of comfort, only know that you are not alone in the struggle for safety, peace & love in this broken world!

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