Many of you know, we are hoping to move to Dekalb, IL this summer to start up a Navigator ministry on the campus of Northern Illinois University. We were just in Dekalb yesterday, scouting out a school and having lunch with the directors of the Campus Crusade work there.

Later on in the day we learned that as we were driving home, the campus suffered the loss of 5 students at the hands of a gunman who opened fire in a lecture hall.

Would you please pray for the campus, community, and for the different campus ministry staff members as they attempt to comfort the students.

4 thoughts on “Speechless

  1. John saw the news story after work and quickly called me into the room to see what had happened, knowing your plans to move there… Praise God for his protection of you on your visit yesterday! We are praying for you guys and for the task ahead of you at NIU.

  2. Dwight & I were thinking of you guys & your future move there, but I didn’t know you were there YESTERDAY!!!! Glad you guys are OK, but praying for all those families & the heartache that they’re going through!

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