My daughter, H5, and I both suffer from a condition I would call, “Cling-i-tosis.” When we are stressed, we cling – literally. We hang onto, lean into, and make our loved ones drag us around everywhere.

Hunky Hubby was in a car wreck this weekend. He’s fine, but all day Sunday I was sticking to him like glue. I think I even invited him to come with me to the bathroom!

On Sunday afternoon, H5 started to develop the same issue. I think it had something to do with the knowledge that her babysitting responsibilities for her class stuffed penguin were coming to an end. He was especially cute, and I could feel her anxiety growing as the day went on.

“I don’t think DJ will snuggle with Cuddly Dudley enough.”

“Should I pack up these paper fish I made for him in case the next person doesn’t know how to feed him?”

etc., etc., etc.

Then we went to church and both our symptoms flared. H5 decided she needed to go with me to “Big” church instead of to her Sunday school class. Oops! Clingitosis was flaring up.

Selfishly, this bugged me. My time with Hunky Hubby at church on Sunday is like my sacred space. It’s almost like a mini-date. No kids, great music, something to think about – for a nice, long, hour. Plus, I was suffering from Clingitosis too, so I just wanted to put my head on Hunky Hubby’s shoulder and chill – not create word searches and crossword puzzles on the bulletin.

We all sat down. Oops! H5 was in the middle of us. We switched so I could sit next to Hunky Hubby. The entire hour H5 wanted to snuggle. Oops! Entire hour gone and not one minute for my head to hit Hunky Hubby’s shoulder. I was less than thrilled.

As I huffed out the door, I realized our shared issue – this Clingitosis. She comes by it honestly genetically. I certainly model it for her. And yet – I’m annoyed to see it in her. I guess that’s the way with most sin and annoying tendencies.

We are most annoyed by the ones we tend to share.

2 thoughts on “Clingitosis

  1. You hit the nail on the head there!!! I am most annoyed with my daughter when she most resembles ME & MY faults! Dwight & I really each have a “mini-me” & sometimes it’s better for each of us to spend some time apart from that child. I laugh at Nick’s perfectionism, which so closely resembles his dad’s, and our Jess tends to be stubborn & difficult (that can’t ALL be me, can it?)

    Hope your hubby’s car wreck hasn’t caused any financial burdens for you guys! Glad he’s OK though!!!

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